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If you are thinking about expanding your market beyond the US borders - partnership with Global Orders USA may be your lucky chance.

There is nothing easier and you have nothing to lose. Just boast on your website that now you deliver to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or any other country of the former USSR... in partnership with Global Orders USA and place our logo with a link to us and that is it.

When cutomers from, say Russia, find something on your website that they would like to buy from you they will be forwarded to our website where they can place an order in their native language. After they pay us we will immediately place that order with your store on their behalf. We, Global Order USA, will become your buyer and we will be paying you. You send us the order which we will re-package for International shipping, fill out customs form and forward it to the end buyer in Russia.

This business model is a pure win-win since you don't risk anything, you don't even pay us for our services - the end buyer does.

To place a link to Global Orders USA on your Web site, please choose from those listed below, copy the link's code and paste it into a page's HTML of your Web site.

Linking Option 1 (link from an image - Global Orders USA logo)

Link representation:
Global Orders USA - You Buy, We Ship - International Parcel Forwarding from USA


HTML Code:


Linking Option 2 (link from a text)

Link representation:
Order and Buy Goods from USA - Shipping Worldwide


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Link Usage Notes

If your page contents or style demands for a different linking text or imagery, please feel free to do so as you feel fit as long as your link text and image do not misrepresent the Global Orders USA business.

If you need our logo, banner or other image in higher resolution, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.


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