Here you can place a BUY ORDER from any US store to be delivered to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries

We offer two order types:


1) We Buy and Ship - This is the most comprehensive service. According to your request, we place an order with a store on your behalf and, after receiving your merchandise, we forward the parcel to your foreign address.


2) You Buy - We Ship - This order type is also know as address in USA or parcel forwarding. You place an order with a store yourself, specifying our US address for shipping destination; after receiving your merchandise, we forward the parcel to your foreign address.

Receiving orders, inspecting, packaging, storing and customs declaration

Free of chargeWhen your order is delivered to our address, we will receive it, inspect it for correctness and completeness, re-package for International shipment, fill out a customs declaration and send it to your address. On your request, we can store your order at our warehouse for up to one year. All these at no extra charge.

Order Consolidation

Free of chargeIf you have placed multiple orders that you want us to combine to save on shipping cost we will do that at no additional charge.

Photographing your merchandise

Free of chargeOn your request, we can also take pictures of your purchase and e-mail them to you, again at no charge.

Shipping packages from USA

Before shipping your order to your address, we will weigh your package and communicate to you via e-mail exact shipping cost that you will have to pay us before your package is shipped. As soon as we receive your payment we ship your package. We also communicate to you International tracking number so you can track online your package location.

In most cases, we use USPS as International mailing carrier with the following standard options of International shipping:

1) Express Mail® International

2) First-Class Mail® International Parcel

3) Priority Mail® International

Although these standard shipping options are the most popular, we do not limit our shipping possibilities. On your request we can send your parcel via any shipping carrier, including courier delivery - just specify your preference in the Special Delivery Instructions box below.

Our ordering process is easy as


Please Select Your Order Type


Submit Order and Shipping Information

Order Type : We Buy and Ship

Use this option if you want us to place an order on your behalf with an online store or auction and ship it to your address outside the United States.

With this type of order please fill out the following form and proceed to shipping information section.

SHIPPING information

Please provide the following shipping information:

Do not proceed to 3 until you receive instructions via e-mail.


Pay for Your Order

*) Please note that when paying via Paypal you need to add 4% to the amount you are sending to us. This amount Paypal collects for their sevices.

Payment option WebMoney Payment option MoneyGram Payment option Western Union Payment option MasterCard Payment option Discover card Payment option Visa card Payment option American Express card Payment option Paypal Payment option RBK Money